Air pollution data: 

Ambient Air Quality Standards:

Water pollution data and Standards:

Temperature data:

  • Environment Canada homogenized records
  • Note: The program that makes the graphs takes the names of NAPS station locations and looks for a match to a temperature station. If there is no station with the same community name it uses the latitude/longitude records to find a match in the same grid cell. If there is no match in the same grid cell, a match in a nearby grid cell is used. The station ID used is in the lower left corner of the temperature graph. You can compare station IDs to location names using this table
  • DATA USED FOR CHARTS: The CSV files organized by location are in this zipped folder. The headings v1-v12 denote months January - December respectively. 
  • TEMPERATURE TRENDS: An Excel file with the trends (deg C/year) by month for each location can be downloaded here. It is very important that you read the explanatory note in order to understand what the numbers in that file mean. 


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