Your Environment - the complete record of air and water pollution levels in Canada


Introduction - Note this site is Under Construction!

Wherever you live in Canada, there is a good chance that air and water pollution in your community has been monitored in the past, and may be monitored today. There are also likely to be climate records going back many decades. This website is is designed to give you fast and easy access to official records of environmental quality wherever you live, or wherever you want to look. 

All data presented on this website were collected by provincial environment and natural resource ministries, or by Environment Canada. You can get the data in graphic form or download the numbers themselves.


  • From the Air page you can access data on air pollution emissions, ambient concentrations and monthly average daytime high temperatures for hundreds of individual communities across Canada. 
  • From the Water page you can access data on water quality for rivers and lakes across Canada (so far just Ontario). 
  • On the Sources page you can see where all the data come from and download it in various formats. 
  • NOTE ABOUT GRAPHS: What you will see on each location page are thumbnail graphs. Click on any one to get a larger version, and then you can navigate through the list using the gallery controls. 


This website was developed in winter 2014 by Professor Ross McKitrick at the University of Guelph with funding support from the Research Fellowship in Sustainable Commerce at the College of Business and Economics.  All data and information are publicly available on the Sources page.